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A History of USAW RI:

Brown University Facilities and Library employees who were formerly members of Service Employees International Union, Local 134 formed the United Service and Allied Workers of Rhode Island on August 26, 2003. They have since been joined by:

USAW-RI currently has 800 members. In addition we have a service agreement with the RISD Museum Guards and Dispatchers.

The decision to form USAW-RI was made by SEIU Local 134 members in May 2003 due to a decision by SEIU to transfer some of the bargaining units to Boston Local 615, which was then in trusteeship. In June and July 2003, DTZ, Brown University and Providence Public Library members petitioned to join USAW-RI and the others followed during their respective open windows (90-60 days before contract expiration). Most of the SEIU Local 134 members have now joined USAW and the rest were transferred to either SEIU 615 or SEIU-NAGE.

USAW-RI's Constitution and Bylaws provides for an Executive Board composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Business Agent, Recording Secretary, and three Trustees elected by the entire membership of the union, and Executive Board members elected by the individual bargaining units in the following manner:

The Business Agent and Treasurer are full-time employees as well as members of the union. USAW-RI holds an election every two years for all Executive Board seats.

USAW union dues have not been raised since the members left SEIU. They are $31.48 per month for full-time members, $27 per month for part-time members who work at least 25 hours a week and $22.52 per month for members who work more than 16 but less than 25 hours per week. $1.50 per member per month is set aside for the USAW strike fund.



USAW Executive Board:


Executive Board Members by workplace


Ramiro Vergnaud

Brown Dining:

Ray Trinque

Brown Facilities:

Vincent Carvalho

Henry McCormick

Brian Murphy

Ebenezer Sowah

Brown Libraries:


Providence Community Library:

Deb Furia

Providence Public Library

Bill Turner

RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority

Stephen Clarke