Commonly Asked Questions/
Problems at Work

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Commonly Asked Questions/
Problems at Work:

  1. A union member was paid a differential amount of pay for taking on higher level duties. The employer hired a manager above her and took away her differential. The Union supported her in restoring the pay retroactively since she continued to do the work and, in addition, had helped train her manager.
  2. An employer trying to reduce costs made a decision to outsource work off-campus. The Union met with the employer to discuss this and determined that the main reason for outsourcing would be the cost of supervision. We successfully showed that a union member in a Lead position could take on that responsibility while also doing the work. We developed a plan whereby the cost was comparable to keep the work in-house and the employer agreed.
  3. Part of an employer's operation is changing to a more electronic one with fewer people required. However, other parts of the operation, both union and non-union, have increased requirements for staff. The Union negotiated to insure that if an employee's job is eliminated, they will be transferred to other work for which they can be trained and retain their union status as well as wages and benefits.